Re: No Flags "Policy"

Am Sa, den 22.11.2003 schrieb Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller um
> One thing that struck me this morning is that the issues Jeff raise for
> flags could also be said to be true for the names of countries so I
> guess if we are to ban the flags we should ban the names too. 

The name Taiwan is not banned in China. But it's bad to refer to
"the other China", or "Democratic Republic of China", or "Free China".
For the Chinese, Taiwan is a renegade province belonging to the
"People's Republic of China".

The idea I liked most of the propositions up to now is having a
separate "theme" tarball for flags. That way GNOME could ship with an
official theme, but distributors may choose to remove flags or
e.g. use the Chinese flag for Taiwan as well.
As a nice side-effect, people could make flag themes with pretty
flags, if they like.


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