Re: No Flags "Policy"

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 15:35, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey,
> So, I get first dibs on this can of worms.
> I strongly believe that we should not ship any national flags in GNOME. It
> will be a huge source of problems. Everyone's seen what happened when Red
> Hat shipped the Taiwanese flag (problems in China) and then removed it (and
> it's easy to understand why Taiwanese users complained). Let's not make the
> same mistakes upstream, and cause problems for all of our distributors.
> The easy solution to these problems (because there are a lot of them) is to
> simply not ship flags at all. This is not controversial or offensive. It is
> not reactionary. It is a simple solution to a problem we can't control.

FWIW, I think this is the only solution we can go for. I think keeping
stock GNOME usable by all the people in countries that don't like seeing
certain flags a good enough reason not to ship them.

We can't leave it to the distros to solve this; although we don't do
binaries, does distribute GNOME and we have to have a policy
on what it is. Just like we have our own default theme.

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