Re: IMPORTANT: Modules requiring release for 2.5.0

GnomeMeeting 1.00 is still to be considered as pre-alpha.

What should I do? Generate a pre-alpha tarball of it or remove the
deprecated flags from the old GnomeMeeting 0.98.5? Or leave it "as is"
as GnomeMeeting is a less important module?

Le jeu 20/11/2003 à 05:02, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> Hey all,
> The following modules require release [1] before next Monday, 24th November,
> otherwise they will be noted as unbuildable on the release announcement. We
> want to avoid people pointing and laughing at us in the street, so this is a
> matter of great importance.
>   gedit
>   ggv
>   gucharmap
>   nautilus-media / gstreamer 0.7
>     (Latest tarballs of nautilus-media and gstreamer-0.7 do not build
>     together, so I'm happy to ship gstreamer-0.6, but that may not be
>     appropriate. Regardless, nautilus-media needs *_D_D flags killed.)
> Thanks,
> - Jeff
> [1] 2.5 series release if you've made changes, 2.4 series if you haven't,
> but either way, *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags MUST BE REMOVED from the tarball
> build foo. :-)
 _      Damien Sandras
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