IMPORTANT: Modules requiring release for 2.5.0

Hey all,

The following modules require release [1] before next Monday, 24th November,
otherwise they will be noted as unbuildable on the release announcement. We
want to avoid people pointing and laughing at us in the street, so this is a
matter of great importance.

  nautilus-media / gstreamer 0.7

    (Latest tarballs of nautilus-media and gstreamer-0.7 do not build
    together, so I'm happy to ship gstreamer-0.6, but that may not be
    appropriate. Regardless, nautilus-media needs *_D_D flags killed.)


- Jeff

[1] 2.5 series release if you've made changes, 2.4 series if you haven't,
but either way, *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED flags MUST BE REMOVED from the tarball
build foo. :-)

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