Re: gnome DPI autocalculating

Quoting Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>:

>  A) The monitor is wrong (happens frequently)
>  B) The monitor is right

A has happened to me.  As a broken monitor user, though, I still prefer that the
DPI value is used.  B is a much more frequent case, and for those A cases (a
minority), resolution can be manually configured.

> In B) you'd think you'd want to use the resolution, but actually:
>  * It's not what user's want. User's typically, when they reduce
>    the resolution, do that to make fonts (etc.) bigger.

Users typically reduce the resolution to make fonts bigger, because they think
it's the only way.  The fonts CC applet already provides a way to grow fonts. 
The resolution has an indirect relationship to font size.  The user is more
probably going to click "Fonts" than "Resolution" in order to make their fonts

>  * Angular resolution is far more important than linear resolution;
>    you don't want 3pt fonts on your 10-foot projection screen
> In the ideal world of 200dpi screens and all graphics scalable,
> DPI will become a simpler thing to manage - though still it's really
> the overall "scale" and that won't necessarily correspond to physical
> DPI. But in the current world, keeping the point_size => pixel number
> fixed at 96 is right for most users, and letting it be set manually
> should be sufficient power for the rest.

I would really prefer that as DPI grows, everything scales, so I can plug in a
new monitor and have everything rescale accordingly.

The KDE list is having this thread as well, simultaneously.

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