Proposing libgnomesu for inclusion in Gnome 2.6

Hey All,

I hope it isn't too late. I am hereby proposing libgnomesu for inclusion
in Gnome 2.6, on behalf of Hongli Lai, it's maintainer.

Libgnomesu, In case you don't know is a library that allows program to
run things as root with authentication from the user. I'm not familiar
with it's inner workings, and as such I invite Hongli to explain
anything that needs explaining.

I'm proposing it because I'm probably the person who feels most strongly
that it needs to be included. I have already filed some bugs against
modules where it is relevant:


Sane switching to root was one of the things on Havoc's big 2.4 list
IIRC, and I'd hate to see 2.6 go by and still have this either not done
at all or done in flakey, insecure ways. I'm not saying that libgnomesu
is perfect because It's not my code so I don't know, but having
everything using the same code for this at least means that it is more
manageable and so there will be less chance of big gaping security

This is one of those areas, like the gnome-session logout box, that
works great on redhat because of their good work, but that we need to
make work everywhere else.

Thank you for listening

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
Jabber:	sisob_AT_jabber_DOT_org

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