Network history in gnome-system-monitor

The attatched patch adds network history to the system monitor. The
Resource Monitor tab got a little crowded so I moved Devices to a separate tab.


Remaining issues:
* I currently use if_nameindex() to get a list of interface names to
  pass on to glibtop_get_netload(). if_nameindex() is glibc specific,
  right? If so, the libgtop API should IMHO be extended to provide
  the very same information. GList *glibtop_get_ifnames(void) or
  something more glibtop_get_mountlist()-ish?

* What about glibtop_get_ppp(). Not needed here (Linux, RH9), how
  about other platforms. If it's needed...well...quite a predicament.

* Devices are still in the Resource Monitor tab in the prefs dialog.
  If we go down the "Devices in a separate tab" road this isn't
  right. Are tabs really needed for the prefs dialog? Seems like all
  tabs quite easily could be consolidated into one (i.e. none)
  without bloating the dialog. (The Processor Fields is history once
  we have a column-chooser in GTK+? Do we really need to expose three
  individual update intervals in the dialog? Taken to the extreme, do
  we need update intervals at all? Shouldn't this Just Work (TM)?)

I'll update against HEAD and add it to bugzilla if you guys/girls
think this is feasible in the 2.6 timeframe. The only hindrance in
my view is the if_nameindex() brouhaha and the API/ABI freeze
approaching swiftly.


Oh, almost forgot. Please Cc me since I'm not subscribed.

Martin Ejdestig

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