Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

hi Murray!,

El jue, 29-05-2003 a las 14:14, Murray Cumming Comneon com escribió:
> > From: Cumming Murray (COMNEON Linz) 
> > > From: Cumming Murray (COMNEON Linz) 
> > > So, people need to try them out _now_ and start the 
> > > criticism. The GEP 11
> > > end date is June 2nd - 4 days from now.
> >
> So here's some superficial comments on 0.26.0:
> - RedHat 9 is not officially supported - it shows a warning. 
>   Lots of the GNOME developers are using RedHat9, so it would be nice to fix
> that.

ok, all I wanted is somebody to certify that gst works on RH9 :-P, it's
now fixed

> - Where are they supposed to show up in the GNOME menu?
>   I had to launch them from the command-line.

they are supposed to be integrated in the gnome control center menu so
they should appear in applications/desktop settings/system tools, but
that's an issue to solve, since they aren't for desktop settings...

> - The executable names are a bit too generic.
>   For instance, I would prefer gnome-network-admin to network-admin.
>   Let's avoid confusion with distro-specific tools.

I agree, but I'll change them in 0.27 :-P, (tonight 0.26.1 should be

> - They are not quite HIGgy enough, but that can be fixed easily.
> - We need to lose the Ximian icons, I think.
> - Runlevel Settings: The icons are obscure and color-coded.

You're right, we need other icons that could represent the same and are

> - I guess we want to use the proposed GNOME ask-for-root-password thing
> instead. What's happening with that?

I just wanted to wait what would happen with such program, but adding a
dependence to it and removing the gst-dialog functions is trivial

> - The tools do some checking and processing at first. I think they should
> show at least a busy cursor while doing this.

hmmm, I think that sometimes it takes so much time for just showing a
busy cursor, it might be worth to talk more deeply

> - Various tools crash on close for me, though actually I see this warning:
> *** ERROR **: vte.c: line 6850 (vte_terminal_process_incoming): assertion
> failed (_vte_buffer_length(terminal->pvt->incoming) > 0 )
> aborting ...

ouch :-/, I thought I had that issue solved :-/

> - Boot manager:
>   - The initial window size is too small - the TreeView is smaller than one
> row.
>   - Again the obscure and color-coded lightbulb icons.

fixed the window size, I agree again with the lightbulbs

> - Networking:
>   - It's shows my network connection, but doesn't show what type of
> connection it is.

hmmm, it shows an icon in the list, just beside the interface name...

>   - Again, the lightbulbs.

obviously, I agree again :-P

>   - Shouldn't the profile choice be at the top of the screen, if everything
> else depends on it?

hmmm, maybe... I'll have a look at this

>   - I can't see what device is used for each connection. Surely I need to
> know whether I'm using my WLAN card or my ethernet card?

that's still a to-do, it does automatic device assignment, but it
sometimes sucks, and doesn't allow the creation of subinterfaces :-/, I
hope to fix it very soon

	Thanks for your feedback :-)

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