Re: Personal remarks on Epiphany/Galeon [Was: Release Team's Almost-Final Modules List]

> On another note.... are we expecting Mozilla releases in the 2.4
> time-frame that will be able to support Ephy or the latest Galeons? If
> not, shipping Ephy/Galeon isn't an option even if they produce stable
> and feature-complete releases.

Mozilla releases are already able to support Ephy/Galeon. The gtk2
toolkit support is off by default but it's getting a lot of test anyway.
Mozilla gtk2 port is feature complete, very stable, and certainly more
test will improve it even more in these months until the release.
Blizzard and the Sun guys are working very actively on it.
The accessibility code for embedding is going to be in mozilla 1.4, due
in a few days.


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