Re: Release Team's Almost-Final Modules List

> In general, I agree with all the choices.  I like the idea of g-s-t, but
> it currently lacks FreeBSD and Solaris support.  Every time I've tried
> to contact the g-s-t developers to get some guidance, tips, etc. on
> implementing FreeBSD support, I've been ignored.  It seems to me, this
> is the most platform-specific component of the desktop, and if I had to
> point to what doesn't belong, it would be this.

What problems have you been having porting them? Maybe somone here can
help. Have you tried porting the backends? I'm told that they're pretty
self explanitory, and from looking at the backend scripts I'd agree. I
don't have a clue how different BSD's layout is to linux but it can't be
impossible. If you have trouble maybe should should main
setup-tool-hackers lists ximian com ....

> Don't get me wrong, g-s-t looks great, and is probably very useful to
> Linux users.  I just wonder if it's too platform dependent for the base
> desktop.

I think that this is always an important factor, but due to the unique
nature of the gst I think it's less important than usual. The fact is
the gst are designed to be ported, the porting just isn't finished yet.
The user tool already has support for freebsd 4 and 5 AFAICT. What they
really needs is some interest so that they will get ported further.
Which is what I think will happen if they are included.

There are also a lot of linuxes that aren't supported, and we will never
support them all, but if we aren't happy with that then we shouldn't
ship them at all.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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