Re: Totem and interaction with current (crappy) sound systems

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 20:02, Manuel Clos wrote:

> The first one is about totem blocking the dsp device, this is, when 
> totem finishes playing an mp3 file, it goes to pause mode. In pause mode 
> Totem will not release the dsp device. So causing other apps to block 
> (xmms, ...). As Bastien says, the Right Thing (tm) is to fix the crappy 
> sound system, but as you know, this is not going to happen in the 2.4 
> timeframe. This is also related to Totem not providing an STOP button 
> (which should release the dsp device). Currently you can't replay a 
> song, you must get the slide to the beggining (compared to clicking play 
> in xmms).

Here, here. I hate that everyone rushed to ditch the stop button, but
didn't make |< work correctly. |< should work like so

if (position_in_file < 1second) {
   seek (0);
} else {
   go_to_previous_track ();

Rhythmbox, gst-player and totem all are broken. Gnome-CD isn't and it
has a stop button :)
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