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On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 20:58, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey there,
> > OK, so let's change what distcheck does. I'm tired of waiting for all
> > the po update stuff to run when I distcheck anyhow - it takes
> > forever. ;-)
> Yeah, I have to say I'm in agreement here - having to commit everything
> except the po dir sounds like a real pain for maintainers, and I don't
> want to sound selfish about it. It's hard enough to get the maintainers
> doing regular releases, and I'd sure like it if there wasn't another
> hurdle in the way.

The way I do it is copy the source directory and make dist on the copy
(of course commit on the original). That way the translation changes
don't get commited. It's a little pain if dist fails and you have to
make changes, but it's not too bad (and it saves a lot of time commiting
po files when you are on a 56K dialup connection).


> I'm all for making the translators life easier, they're doing a
> fantastic job, but I'd hate to see it at the expense of the developer :/
> I seem to remember some of the Sun people saying that translations were
> pretty inefficient in GNOME - maybe it's time to rethink? [1]
> 			Glynn ;)
> [1] Okay, okay, that was probably a bit too controversial for this
> thread ;)
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