Re: Traffic on d-d-l [Was: How this all works...]

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> > Yes, this is a serious problem. We really need to tighten down what
> > happens here - it seems to have become the default location for
> > discussion about everything and anything.
> Personally, I don't think it's a huge problem. Most of the discussion here
> actually *does* seem to be on topic ... what should go into the desktop
> release and how to make the desktop parts of GNOME better.
> All the traffic just means there are lots of people interested.

Yeah, having read over the list last night, I'd agree - not serious, despite
the traffic scaring away some potential helpers. :-)

> > (We really don't have a platform-devel-list, do we? Do we need one, or
> > are the split out lists gconf/gnome-vfs-list/gnome-components-list and
> > friends more useful? Would cooperation and exposure be *more* useful?)
> There's gnome-libs-devel gnome org, which seems overlap pretty heavily
> with a platform-devel-list.

Looks surprisingly quiet...

I still have that list-of-lists, will probably start another flamewar when I
have time, and go and clean up our lists. ;-)

- Jeff

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