Re: A question about the relation between different kind of themes on the Gnome Horizon!

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>I am quite wondering about the inter-relation of different kind of 
>In my knowledge, there is GTK2 themes, icon themes, metacity themes,
>metathemes. SVG themes.
>I also know that, gtk2 themes, icon themes, and metacity themes are
>quite standalone.
>i.e. You untar it, and configure with gconf-editor. that's it. Right?
>How about SVG theme?
>Is it also a kind of gtk2 theme engine?
>And how about metathemes?
>I think I would like to know a little bit more, so that I can have a
>clear picture..

Hehehe, clear picture?

To be honest, I find this whole matter a mess.
I think Gnome is clean and nice now, but the theming is still a mess...

There are X ways to change the appearance with themes. Then you have
several different engines which are used for theming. Some themes should
be un-tarred other should use the theme-GUI.

I just wish that we'd clean it up so that there would be _one_ true way
to change the appearance with themes.


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