RE: 2.4 Module List - zenity


I think if you look at the g-scripts archive it's all sorts of small
scripts which are useful to a subset of users but may not be generic
enough for inclusion in the core application.  I can imagine it being
useful to:
	- power users who want to do funny things like check md5 sums
	- sys-admins who want to script a particular local app.

I don't think it's the same as the bindings because this is for shell
scripting which is a far lower entry barrier.

Not sure if this is the right application but this ability seems quite
standard on other desktops:

On a second point I think lack of system scriptability ala OS X is a
major weakness in GNOME now.  A lot of the power users seem to really
love the integration you can do with AppleScript and it does seem to
create interesting ideas!  As far as I know we don't have scripting of
our applications built into anything presumably due to Bonobo's



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