Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

Hi Sean!

El jue, 27 de 03 de 2003 a las 02:55, Sean Middleditch escribió:
> I don't know that this is that good of an idea - most distros, which is
> where users get their GNOME generally, have their own tools.

I think that the number of distros with their own set of tools is way
lower than the number of distros that don't.

and, IMHO, I think that not adding GST would leave a lack of integration
and consistence in the desktop, for example, what should do an user who
wishes to change the time? install a distro with their own setup tools?
open a term and run date? the first idea that whould round his mind is
to right-click the clock and select "change time" in the popup menu
(well, at the moment this is fictitious, this is one of the patches in
my TODO list). These areas should be covered by the desktop instead of
leaving it in distros' hands (IMHO, of course :-D)

I know that this is a strong bet, but it could be worth doing this :-)

> As much as I love these tools (being on a distro without their own tools
> ;-) putting this in the official GNOME isn't something I'd recommend. 
> Vendors are likely just going to ignore this part.
> It would be nice to see these tools become more "official" in several
> distros tho - Debian is coming to mind as one, Slackware as another.  Or
> my FreeBSD laptop... ;-)

thanks for your opinion,


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