RE: 2.4 Module List - zenity

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 10:52, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey there,
> > So far it doesn't sound like much more than a language binding. 
> It would be a rather lame language binding ;)
> > A few users might like to write nautilus scripts for themselves. But surely
> > anything that's useful for lots of users should be a real feature. If we are
> > just talking about a tiny minority of users then I don't think it belongs in
> > the Desktop.
> Well, I can see us shipping a bunch of really useful nautilus scripts
> with our desktop - it's basically a case of identifying which ones we
> should go with. Zenity would be a side effect of shipping those scripts.
there a bunch of them at Last time I
saw it, they were using gdialog though.

Also, there are a few others in

> It should also be noted that gdialog was part of GNOME 2.2 Desktop - so,
> we have a basic feature regression now ;)
yeah, and a big regression for, at least, power GNOME users. Zenity
would be a much better tool than gdialog though.

> > I think sysadmins are capable of downloading and installing whatever
> > language binding they think they need. Actually, I doubt that sysadmins want
> > to write GUIs anyway.
> True, but making that assumption would be a pretty bad idea - I think
> that more and more sysadmins being introduced to Linux/GNOME will
> definitely want to use some sort of UI.
and simple users also might want to leatn how to do scripts, and use
them for a lot of things (think of a simple UI frontend for *every*
command line tool available on the system, or even better, for a
combination of those commands).


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