RE: 2.4 Module List - zenity

> From: Glynn Foster [mailto:glynn foster sun com] 
> > So you're suggesting zenity for the Desktop release? I 
> don't know much about
> > it. What benefit does it provide to users?
> Hrm, I guess. Zenity is a rewrite of gdialog, where I broke the
> compatibility with other dialogs. It's used quite often in things like
> Nautilus scripts - a handy little utility for sysadmins too, who need
> input while running scripts. I'd imagine that it's pretty hidden from
> most users, since it's a commandline utility.

So far it doesn't sound like much more than a language binding. 

A few users might like to write nautilus scripts for themselves. But surely
anything that's useful for lots of users should be a real feature. If we are
just talking about a tiny minority of users then I don't think it belongs in
the Desktop.

I think sysadmins are capable of downloading and installing whatever
language binding they think they need. Actually, I doubt that sysadmins want
to write GUIs anyway.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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