Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

<quote who="Malcolm Tredinnick">

> > Committing to the desktop or platform release means committing to
> > regular releases, project-specific requirements (i18n/a11y/etc), etc.
> > It is a commitment to the long term use and viability of these modules
> > that users and vendors can trust. It's not a small deal.
> This is responding to something I did not write.  Commitments to all of
> the features you mentioned can come whether or not a project is part of
> the desktop release.

Long-term viability, inclusion in QA/release process, API/ABI guarantees and
focus of the project etc., however, are really the big ones. They're not
simple 'features', but they're incredibly important in terms of trust.

> For Heaven's sake: my mail was _supporting_ the current process for
> making up the desktop release! However, it was also pointing out -- in
> deference to those for whom that release is not appropriate -- that it
> is not the end of the world for them if the desktop release is not their
> particular cup of tea.

Sure, I understand your support, but some of your points were not entirely
accurate. The aim of the developer platform and desktop releases are to
provide the 'greatest common factor' -> the basics of GNOME's commitment to
developers and users.

If either release (or module within) is inappropriate for a sizable chunk of
our audience, then we're doing something wrong, and it ought to be fixed. If
there are holes or problems, please let everyone know!

- Jeff

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