Re: Question about html widget

Well if we end up using gtkhtml (which is to be called gtkhtml3 for the
gnome2 version afaik, why not use libcroco to add css handling to it?
Since libcroco will already be used in librsvg and it has dedicated
developers behind it I would think it makes a good choice (and it is
even LGPL now :)


On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 15:16, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> fre 2003-03-14 klockan 22.31 skrev Christian Rose:
> > fre 2003-03-14 klockan 18.52 skrev Bill Haneman:
> > > gtkhtml
> > > - limited accessibility support at present
> > > 
> > > gtkhtml2
> > > + accessibility support
> > > 
> > > I expect gtkhtml will eventually catch up here and perhaps surpass, but
> > > gtkhtml2 is where the accessibility team's html work is going at the
> > > moment.
> > 
> > Isn't that a bit odd, as people are from my understanding of past and
> > present posts moving away from gtkhtml2 [1]?
> This is not (as stated) entirely true.
> As for my projects (Devhelp and Yelp in this case) I'm currently using
> GtkHTML2 in lack of something else. 
> GtkHTML2 is having a lot of bugs and is currently slower in rendering
> than both Gtkhtml1 and Gecko. If noone steps up and fix these issues
> (and I know Padraig is trying to fix as much as he has time on his, what
> I understand, overful schedule) it will eventually be dropped for
> something else.
> >From my understanding Gtkhtml1 will never have DOM or CSS support (and
> frankly it's probably more work adding that to Gtkhtml than adding
> editing to Gtkhtml2). According to Bill these are both needed for full
> accessibility support. CSS is needed for both Devhelp and Yelp in order
> to display the HTML in a nice way, it could probably be worked around
> but that would be ugly.
> So it all comes down to what is going to happen:
> a) Nothing, I'll continue to use Gtkhtml2
> b) Someone adds CSS support to Gtkhtml, I'll probably switch to that for
>    Devhelp and if Bill thinks we can do the a11y with it I'll switch to 
>    it for Yelp too.
> c) Gecko gets splitted out of Mozilla (fully) and adopted in GNOME as a 
>    part of GNOME desktop. I'll switch to that for both projects (and I 
>    think that eventually Evolution should too).
> d) KTHML gets ported and adopted to GNOME instead of Mozilla, same 
>    issues as with Gecko (except for the editing part in Evolution).
> e) Someone fixes Gtkhtml2 and makes it as good as KTHML or Gecko. I'll 
>    continue using it since it's already part of the platform.
> Regards,
>   Mikael Hallendal
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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