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On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 22:57, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> What makes it true is that gtkhtml2 is unmaintained.  I'm simply
> observing the reality, not dictating it.

Not really true.  Padraig is the maintainer.

> You want to maintain gtkhtml2 - in its entirety, not just fixing a11y
> or other pick-and-choose aspects - please do. If you don't, it's gonna
> die as soon as we have a viable alternative. It's exactly the same
> situation as zvt.
> If someone feels they are the gtkhtml2 maintainer and is committing to
> actively working on all important aspects of it going forward, then I
> stand corrected and apologize. If no one is going to stand up and say
> that, then we have to move to something maintained.
> If you can't sell gtkhtml2 as a viable *overall* solution to Mikael
> for yelp, then you lose. He's going to use something else and he
> should use something else.
> People had the fantasy that they could only fix a11y in Zvt but not
> maintain/fix it otherwise, and that fantasy was bullshit.  Here the
> situation is exactly the same. Someone steps up to maintain the
> software, as a whole including crashes/i18n/etc., or as soon as
> something else comes along we'll jump, and NO WHINING THIS TIME
> because you were damn well warned. ;-)
> /me puts out a press release and crossposts to all known lists that 
> if gtkhtml2 doesn't get a maintainer it will be dropped
Let us hold this thread until I am back from CSUN.  

Gecko is one possibility; if the heavy/lightweight argument gets too
heated then a configurable plugin a la mimetype-handler makes sense
IMO.  Gecko is supporting ATK now and we have resources dedicated to
making sure its accessibility support is complete.  It also supports DOM
and CSS.

Of course, adding CSS support and full ATK support which emulates the
mozilla/gtkhtml2 model as closely as possible is also an option.  In any
case gtkhtml will need good ATK support for evolution, and in the long
run it would of course be advantageous to share this code among our HTML
viewers.  If the composer acts a little different I think that would
present some possible aggravations to the user but perhaps not
intolerable ones. 

- Bill

> Havoc
Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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