Re: Question about html widget

Christian Rose wrote:
fre 2003-03-14 klockan 18.52 skrev Bill Haneman:

- limited accessibility support at present

+ accessibility support

I expect gtkhtml will eventually catch up here and perhaps surpass, but
gtkhtml2 is where the accessibility team's html work is going at the

Isn't that a bit odd, as people are from my understanding of past and
present posts moving away from gtkhtml2 [1]?

Maybe I'm misunderstanding a couple of things here, but I just got the
feeling of "a11y team keep working on a piece of code everyone else is
about to leave behind", and I don't like the idea of that (and
subsequent long rants and flames in all directions) happening again.

It can roughly be summarised as "Havoc said so, but this does not necessarily make it be true". There haven't essentialy been any important changes to the situation since the last time "lets kill off gtkhtml2" was up.



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