Re: Question about html widget.

> For sure.  Forking khtml would be silly; if we use khtml, it should be
> some kind of port that will be accepted upstream and shared with
> apple/kde. Otherwise you just aren't getting enough critical mass to
> have a chance of handling most web pages.

I think adopting KHTML (or webcore) inside GNOME could be a very good
strategy for GNOME for two reasons:
 - First, KHTML is a great piece of code. It works well and will be even
better with time as Apple codes on it.
 - Second, it would be a sign that GNOME wishes to cooperate with KDE in
a less unilateral way. I know that GNOME developers are willing to
cooperate with KDE developers but I think that KDE devs feel pissed off
because until now it was always KDE which had to adopt a foreign lib and
not the contrary (well, most of the time). So, if GNOME could adopt a
very KDE lib, I think that could help some KDE devs to understand that
GNOMErs can do some efforts too.

PS: if you don't agree with me, it's not worth starting a flame, there
are enough flames about this topic on Slashdot and OSNews these days...

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