Re: gnome-about HIG patch

<quote who="iain">

> May I commit or has libgnomeui not been branched yet? Should things like
> this be discussed here or gnome-devel?

I was under the impression that gnome-devel-list was for people developing
with GNOME tools/libraries, not people developing GNOME (Desktop or Devel
Platform) itself... Not that the list description implies that. :-)

  desktop-devel-list -> desktop developer list
  gnome-libs-devel -> developer platform developer list
  gnome-devel-list -> writing apps with GNOME and GNOME libraries

I really ought to run through my list summary again and make the changes we
proposed months and months ago. ;-)

(Er, so yeah, this is the right list.)

- Jeff

   "The aim of the release process is to finish software, not to develop    
                         it..." - Havoc Pennington                          

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