Want to hack on stable code? There's still bugs to fix!

Hey everyone,

I know I sucked for 2.2.1, but here's a heads-up for bugs targetted by
the bugsquad at a 2.2.2 release.


Almost half of these have patches to review:


Of course, these are only the most important bugs. There's lots of bugs
open and patches for maintainers to review. There's a nice summary of
these at:

(it does start to look like my triaging of the control-center is
slightly off-centre, actually)

2.2.2 tarballs are due, according to the current schedule, for 21 April.
Good work everyone.

Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

"If we eventually have the ubercool component system - based on Bonobo, or
something else - then great, we can then proxy it over IIOP, D-BUS, SOAP,
and morse code." -- hp

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