Re: eog doesn't build

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 04:54, Jens Finke wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Gustavo [ISO-8859-1] Giráldez wrote:
> > I recall fixing that replacing AC_PROG_RANLIB with AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in
> >
> What autoconf, automake, libtoool and gnome-common versions are you using?  
> With gnome-common HEAD I get the following output when configuring eog
> (gnome-2-2 branch) and this works at least on my system well:

> /usr/bin/
> checking for autoconf >= 2.53...
>   testing autoconf2.50... not found.
>   testing autoconf... found.
> checking for automake >= 1.4...
>   testing automake-1.4... found.
> checking for glib-gettext >= 2.2.0...
>   testing glib-gettextize... found.
> checking for intltool >= 0.25...
>   testing intltoolize... found.
> checking for pkg-config >= 0.14.0...
>   testing pkg-config... found.
> Checking for required M4 macros...
> Processing .

I get exactly the same output.  Plus I have libtool 1.4.3 in my jhbuild
prefix.  I noticed that by doing the replace in, autogen
also checks for libtoolize, and after configure is run I have the
libtool script in the top_builddir.  Also in viewer/Makefile, with


which is the cause of the error, while with AC_PROG_LIBTOOL:

  LIBTOOL = $(SHELL) $(top_builddir)/libtool

as I would expect.


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