Re: Notification Area guidelines

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> wrote:
> 	The first time I read this I agreed, but on thinking about it some more
> I'm not so sure. I don't think "pure notification" icons - i.e. ones
> that appear blinking for a while and then dissappear again - will be
> such a good idea in most cases.
> 	In most cases I think it might be better to implement notification
> using a status icon. E.g. the "New email" notification may actually be
> made a part of status icon telling you how many unread emails you have.
> If a new email arrives the icon would flash for a few seconds and stop.
> Same goes for the "battery fully charged" or "network disconnected"
> notifications.

        In the case of mail notification (and maybe some similar things)
another possibility would be to have the status icon visible only for as
long as their are still unread mails remaining.


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