Re: Notification Area guidelines

Hi Alex,

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 12:32, Alex Duggan wrote:

> If programs like gaim and gnomeicu are going to utilize the notification
> area, which from your notes below seems like they really shouldn't,
> something should be added to the hig about appropriate restore/close
> behavior for apps using the notification area.  Also see

	I didn't intend my notes to suggest that applications like gaim or
gnomeicu should use the notification area. They most certainly should,
so long as they are displaying some status/notification. i.e. if they
display an icon when a new message arrives that sounds like a very valid
use case.

	Sorry, I haven't actually tried out either of these so I'm not sure how
the icons behave. I'm kind of hoping people will respond with "here's
how app X uses it and I think its a good/bad idea" so that we will get a
feel for the various different use cases so far and figure out which
ones work well or not so well.

Good Luck,

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