Re: RandR support in GNOME

> > In GNOME I know that we have partially implemented this but I
> > don't know what that means.  Does that mean that if you change
> > the resolution that apps "get it"?  Does GTK have an API for
> > doing RandR already?
> 	GTK+ 2.2 introduced the "size_changed" signal on GdkScreen which the
> panel (and Nautilus) reacts to by re-sizing. So yes, the apps that need
> to, "get it".
> Good Luck,
> Mark.

How about metacity? does it move and/or resize windows that go off of
the screen edge?  Given my minimal testing, I'd say this is still
something that should be done.  Unless Havoc considers this a "crack
feature."  I, however, consider it "sane behavior" (especially in the
case of maximized windows)

Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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