RandR support in GNOME

By chance, will RandR be fully supported by 2.4 release?  

By RandR support I mean a capplet in Control Center that will
actually allow you to change the resolution.  I think this would
be a nice feature and probably not very difficult to be able to 
include in 2.4 (just a guess, I don't know how RandR extension 
actually works)  

In GNOME I know that we have partially implemented this but I
don't know what that means.  Does that mean that if you change
the resolution that apps "get it"?  Does GTK have an API for
doing RandR already?

How does one change the resolution on the fly in generic X anyways?

Anyways, I had asked this question from time to time and I haven't
really received an answer that I was satisfied with and I didn't
really get an indication that it was on anybody's todo to get this



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