Re: RE: Galeon2 / Nautilus as a web browser [was: Re: KDE Interop [Wa s: D-BUS background]]

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 11:22, Vadim Plessky wrote:

> Certanly interesting...
> - Why Galeon2 is not part of GNOME?
> - if it is not Galeon - what browser is part of GNOME?
> I always thought of Galeon as part of GNOME/default GNOME browser.
> Did I miss something?..

Galeon is a third party application, developed independently of GNOME. 
Indeed, Galeon never really tried to even be a GNOME application.  It
just used GNOME technologies.  It poorly integrated with the rest of the
desktop, had it's own MIME handler, e-mail handler, etc.  Galeon2 seems
to integrate a little better in some areas, but now that Marco has left
the team, I wouldn't be surprised if Galeon goes back to being a poorly
integrated application.

Epiphany, a fork of Galeon by its original author, is intended to be
fully integrated with GNOME - not a generic browser that can be used
without GNOME installed.  It's also a lot more inline with the GNOME UI
views than Galeon, in most cases.  See

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