Re: build breakages and translators

Op ma 10-03-2003, om 12:27 schreef Christian Rose:
> The policy is to keep the cvs modules buildable at all times, so that
> other development can continue, and so that people can try it out and
> report bugs. In the past, longer breakages in cvs happened, which in
> many cases had devastating effects, as it blocked all other development
> and testing. That's why the new policy specifies that everything should
> always be kept buildable in cvs.
Do you know if there's going to be a tinderbox setup somewhere? 
That would help identify the problem more easily and help fix the
problem in some way.

> So whether the breakage is minor or major or whether a translator or
> another developer caused it is probably largely irrelevant -- a build
> breakage blocks other people's work and some people will have to stop
> their other work and instead spend their time going and finding out why
> it broke and possibly fix it. We should avoid this in every case, and
> we're all in the same boat here, and equally responsible for making sure
> it doesn't happen.

So we need to be vigilant (a tinderbox would help), or we would need
And/Or the translators who have cvs-acces (usually the translation
coordinators) need better education and/or be more careful?

--Tino Meinen.

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