Re: build breakages and translators

> It's easy to tell ourselves that someone more knowledgable will
> just fix it soon, but I find sending an email gets much better
> results, particularly if you can provide a patch.

as for head now there are these issues i encountered for now maybe it

- gnome-user-docs the accessibility documents can't be installed because
it searches for different omf files.

- gnome-system-tools, the backends directory can't execute the file to create the configure file. related to recent
gnome-common change.

- ghex, want's to generate the ghex.pc file for the library.
unfortunately such a file is not existing.

- dia, issues in the configure script finding freetype 2 in

- evolution, same issue with libical directory, can't execute the file to build the configure file. related to recent
gnome-common change.

- rhythmbox from cvs head, during the make process it fails in the shell
dir to create the Ryhthmbox.idl file (e.g. creating the headers). you
need to manually go into the shell dir and execute make.

- fileroller, problem in the src/makefile because of LIBOBJ, patch is on
bugzilla but not applied yet.

- vte head issues with resolving FT2 pkgconfig stuff, which leads that
gnome-terminal and other projects that require FT2 stuff from VTE fail
to build. Manually removing of FT2* in the makefiles is required.

- some jp.po files got added to gnome-utils which totally broke the
build, manual removing of jp in the is required and could be
really annoying because put there wrong.

so far all i know and remember. hope i could help.

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