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> From: Christian Rose [mailto:menthos menthos com] 
> In general, we don't require translators to build modules. 
> Translators are often better linguists than builders, and as 
> Malcolm pointed out, such a requirement would make 
> translators have to successfully build more modules than most 
> other developers ever do. In order to have as broad 
> translation support as possible, we usually require 
> translators to basically only have access to a text editor of 
> their choice and gettext and intltool on their systems. I 
> fear that adding building requirements to the list would 
> dramatically reduce the number of supported languages, and 
> I'm not confident that such a requirement is necessary. I 
> believe this and other problems can to a large part be solved 
> by better edication about the problems.

Yes, that makes sense.

> > People often forget to "cvs add" new .po files. Unless you, 
> or someone 
> > else, tests a new checkout then this is something that people just 
> > have to remember. If there is some how-to-translate-GNOME document 
> > somewhere then maybe this advice should be added to it.
> I've tried to make that piece of information more prominent 
> in 
>> ome-i18n/translator.html.

Great. Thanks.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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