Re: build breakages and translators

mån 2003-03-10 klockan 09.44 skrev Murray Cumming Comneon com:
> The release-team has noticed that some of the GNOME CVS build breakages have
> been caused by translators who have added or removed languages. 
> In general, people should always check that a module builds before checking
> their changes into cvs. This is even more important for translators who
> might not have so much experience with cvs or build files.

In general, we don't require translators to build modules. Translators
are often better linguists than builders, and as Malcolm pointed out,
such a requirement would make translators have to successfully build
more modules than most other developers ever do.
In order to have as broad translation support as possible, we usually
require translators to basically only have access to a text editor of
their choice and gettext and intltool on their systems. I fear that
adding building requirements to the list would dramatically reduce the
number of supported languages, and I'm not confident that such a
requirement is necessary. I believe this and other problems can to a
large part be solved by better edication about the problems.

> People often forget to "cvs add" new .po files. Unless you, or someone else,
> tests a new checkout then this is something that people just have to
> remember. If there is some how-to-translate-GNOME document somewhere then
> maybe this advice should be added to it.

I've tried to make that piece of information more prominent in


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