Re: Fam working a little to well?

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 10:27, Mark Finlay wrote:
> I think that maybe the problem is that nautilus updates on every
> change to a file instead of just updating when a new file is created.
> I don't know about everyone else but for me monitoring means telling
> me when a file is renamed, removed or created. But i couldn't care
> less when it's properties change.

"File monitoring" is a technical term. But the role of the file manager
(which ends up using file monitoring) is to present people with their
files. One of the biggest benefits of "monitoring" is that it makes
Nautilus feel less like a viewer and more like it is showing the actual
file. Nautilus needs to be *much* less agressive in thumbnailing, I
agree... But not monitoring for changes like thumbnailing images at all
and other "properties" seems like a sad thing.

 (ideally I'd love to see something like MacOS does where downloading
files' icons show their download progress, but that alas is probably too
much to ask for now ;-)


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