Re: Fam working a little to well?

Ooohhhhh .. i see your PNG and i raise you a .mpg download with totem with video thumb nailer enabled!! My goodness, well i gues you _can_ blame it for trying .. Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)

Might be a good idea to hack that delay in.. ?

Mark Finlay wrote:
Try downloading a large png file - nautilus will try to thumbnail the
image every time fam updates. Now that's what I call an unresponsive

As i am downloading a file to my desktop, fam & nautilus are sucking up 25% of my CPU time, to update me on every byte that has been downloaded.. I have to admit that if it would inform me of every Kb downloaded, or update once per second, and use only 1% cpu or less, i wouldn't complain ;-)

Isn't this a little bit overkill to make fam/nautilus _this_ sensitive?

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