Re: Fam working a little to well?

Now you speek about fam, I want to say that it works bad for me when I mount some device, I try to navigate through it with nautilus, and when I try to umount, it gives me device busy error. I have to kill fam process and respawn it again, to umount the device.

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 17:09, Chris Chabot wrote:
As i am downloading a file to my desktop, fam & nautilus are sucking up 
25% of my CPU time, to update me on every byte that has been 
downloaded.. I have to admit that if it would inform me of every Kb 
downloaded, or update once per second, and use only 1% cpu or less, i 
wouldn't complain ;-)

Isn't this a little bit overkill to make fam/nautilus _this_ sensitive?

	-- Chris

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