Re: Some API doc status

Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:

As I said before, it would really help us (Anjuta developers) if people
implemented a .devhelp file in the docs. Glib / Pango / GTK / Bonobo(UI)
do it (correctly) but no other it seems.

It should be < 1 hour job (perhaps < 30 minutes) even for someone
familiar with the package to copy the relevant bits from the Bonobo CVS
and implement it for the package.
To get .devhelp files, it is necessary to change the docs build over to using XML as the intermediate format (this is because the .devhelp creation code is part of the XSL customisation layer that only gets used in the XML code path).

If you make this change while upgrading to use a newer automake, you can take advantage of the common gtk-doc makefile fragment, like glib and libglade HEAD now do. As an example, here is the set of changes made to glib's doc makefile when switching it over:

With this setup, it is no longer necessary for package maintainers to keep the gtk-doc boilerplate makefile rules up to date (since they are pulled in from gtk-doc itself).


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