Re: Shipping Vera with 2.4

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

Take "recent documents" feature of GNOME 2.2 - it completely sucks
because of the big-three end user apps Mozilla, OpenOffice, and
Evolution, exactly zero of them use the "recent documents" feature.
There's a file-format-based spec for recent files now, and I guess
people are adding OpenOffice support, but it would have been much
easier with a D-BUS style system.

	I believe you confuse adoption with simplicity. Persuading umpteen
projects to link to yet another heap of IPC is easier than parsing /
writing a simple XML file ?

gnome 2.2 is a quite new piece of software that not all that many ship yet -
it is extremely unsuprising nobody has bothered to offer support for new features
found in it yet.

Not the point at all. The point is about what the recent files spec
had to contain (how hard it was to design and write as an
interoperable feature). As Alex says, you have to handle locking, file
change notification, file format, etc.

If you had shared IPC, then you could have just specified a message to
add a new file, and a broadcast when the list changed, and that's it.

I am not sure this would be a solution workable for people logged into
multiple hosts that happen to share their home directory for example.
Having a good file locking protocol for your home directory is still a
good idea, and I believe that a bus-based setup for recent-documents
will break for most sites that use NFS-like system for home directories.

If you assume the bus is only specific to the desktop machine at hand (and not the set of apps the user is running on both local and remote machines) will really cause lots of problems and is not what the user would expect. We shouldn't have to go through a gconfd-2 style agony over multiple logins to the same / different machines.


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