Re: UTF-8 sequences in filenames

В Срд, 05.03.2003, в 11:41, Alexander Larsson написал:
> On 5 Mar 2003, Dmitry G. Mastrukov wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I'd like to raise problem we (in Russian community) encountered with
> > filenames.
> > The problem exists in non-unicode locales (ru_RU.KOI8-R, ru_RU.CP1251)
> > with mamy GNOME apps (gedit, glade, nautilus at least). Files with
> > national filenames are viwed through file selector (G_BROKEN_FILENAMES
> > is set) and can be opened. But newly created files looks on filesystem
> > (in mc for example) as UTF-8 sequences.
> > We have some preliminary patches to gnome-vfs but we have no confidence
> > in that gnome-vfs is only source of problem. It should be good to find
> > out thougths of gnome-vfs developers about that.
> > We see two possibilities:
> > 1. Gnome-vfs is broken and need patching. Seems it is not using
> > g_filename_from_utf8/uri() functions from glib at all. Then where is
> > control point for possible conversion? In other words which public
> > functions work with "locale-dependant" filenames and which work with UTF
> > definitely? Brief look at gedit sources shows
> > gnome_vfs_get_local_path_from_uri is used to get filename to feed to
> > fopen(). So it should produces locale filename on output. Also may be
> > do_action() functions in method/file-method.c and some other methods
> > should use g_filename_fron_utf8/uri().
> This is not right. gnome-vfs uris cannot be defined in a specific 
> encoding, just like unix pathnames cannot be. You must be able to use 
> gnome-vfs to access a file that has an invalid utf8 name for instance 
> (maybe someone created it with G_BROKEN_FILENAMES in another locale), 
> otherwise you can't rename it or delete that file. Similarily uri:s may 
> reference remote systems that don't use utf8-encoded filenames, nor your 
> local locale encoding. 
> Basically, all URIs in gnome-vfs are in an filesystem-dependent unknown 
> encoding (maybe even no/several encodings, such as on a system using 
> G_BROKEN_FILENAMES with users in different locales), and it has to be that
> way for gnome-vfs to be able to access all files. However, the goal of 
> Gnome filename handling is that all files created are in either UTF8 
> (default) or at the users choice (G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is set) in the 
> current locale.
> In general the filename encoding issue this is a hard problem, and a full
> real solution will not be availible for a long time, until the whole world
> has switched over to a common encoding. Many sources of filenames just 
> don't have a corresponding filename encoding specified, so until everyone 
> use the same we have to guess. Take an ftp site for instance. How are you 
> supposed to know the encoding it uses for filenames?
Thanks for explanation. My last tests show that properly written apps
work fine. So seems there exist bugs in gedit and glade but not in
gnome-vfs. Now i know it's problem of particular apps.


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