Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background] - re-using glib

> Would it not make sense to create a 'K'lib - which re-implemented some
> of the common code, G(S)List, GHashTable, GMain*, GString etc. under an
> X11 license - either using the same symbol names and namespace, 'g_' -
> or simply wrapping / symbol aliasing them inside glib?
> Then we could have the satisfaction of sharing code / maintenance, not
> having GObject/GType forced on us[1], and perhaps make things more
> efficient.

Nobody has to link against gobject to use lists or hashtables from glib.
Maybe it would be easier for people to do so if gobject was packaged separately
from glib. If the g_ prefix is already an insurmountable obstacle, then I
guess we're doomed anyway regarding code sharing...


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