Re: GEPs


> So.. dunno. Hard to draw general conclusions from such a small sample
> size. But I'm still pretty convinced of my analysis above- the GEPs were
> a decent process for figuring out 'what do we do' but when it comes to
> 'someone needs to do it' GEPs can't be a substitute for someone sitting
> down and writing code. If that second part doesn't happen, the first
> part will usually end up not meaning much.

So, I too have finally finished reading TIARTA and I certainly believe
that the GEP process could have a strong impact in the design phase,
identifying goals for a given project etc etc [where it makes sense].
It's hard to identify where discussion and planning should end and
coding should be begin.

The reason why it failed was the time involved in tracking a case,
documenting it...a lot of these projects [the icon theming and theme
manager come to mind more strongly] had short deadlines and perhaps a
proper GEP process would have resulted in them not making those dates.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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