Re: GEPs

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 04:53, Luis Villa wrote:
> I suppose if a GEP is just a way to cover our
> asses with people who don't pay attention to the lists, then yes, it
> would fill that role, but otherwise I don't see how it actually _solves_
> the zvt v. vte problem.

	Well - I think it is a way to cover your ass / assign collective blame
;-) but I think if people feel that their requirements have been
listened to - and indeed people can present a reasoned case - that is
archived in once place, then we're on a winner.

	I think it can also help motivate achieving closure on things like a11y
if the prospect of 'official' inclusion is based on some requirements
such as 'at least as good as libzvt' or somesuch.



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