Re: GEPs

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> > There are zillions of things, really. List all the features in 2.2, or
> > all the planned ones for 2.4, or for GTK 2.4.
> Features for all of GNOME just can't work in a GEP, I don't think, not
> unless a handful of people commit to implementing them across all modules
> and the GEP serves mainly to codify what those people will be doing to
> other people's modules.

I think Havoc means the 'changes to modules list' GEPs that were not done
for 2.2 because everyone pretty much agreed anyway. Might be worth trying it
out for 2.4.

> GEP4: versioning: officially still pending. Hasn't really happened
> because the release team has not been driven to enforce it. Again,
> endgame.

It's being casually followed by most modules though, without 'enforcement'.

I mean, we haven't had to eliminate anyone yet.

- Jeff

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