Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 18:30, Rafal Hajdacki wrote:
> W liƛcie z wto, 04-03-2003, godz. 23:51, Christian Fredrik Kalager
> Schaller pisze:
> > Well since it look like GNOME and KDE will share libraries in the
> > accessibility and multimedia area
> You mean KDE will use GStreamer?


> Is that right? 

No, it's not.

> I thought KDE developers didn't really like gobject
> like api of GST.

We don't like it, but Tim Jansen wrote KDE bindings for GStreamer which 
are simply beautiful thanks to which we _consider_ GStreamer as an 
option for KDE 4 (strong emphasis on "consider" as it's only that - 
considering - no decision has been reached as of yet)


The three most dangerous things are a programmer with a soldering
iron, a manager who codes, and a user who gets ideas. 

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