Re: desktop-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #1099 - 13 msgs

>  --- Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote: 
> > 
> > The problem with using CORBA is that, for simple things like what d-bus
> > would be used for, CORBA is overkill, overengineered and heavy.
> > 
> > Take a look at the amount of code one would need to write to get a
> > simple IPC between to sessions of one app, with CORBA and dbus.

Don't we already have that? (bonobo-property-bag, etc.)?

There's no point in arguing "takes too much code" if the code is already
implemented and bundled, unless you are arguing about memory footprint.

I for one don't want to deal with 'yet another IPC API' unless the wins
are a lot more obvious.

- Bill

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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