Announce: Accessibility Testing page on d.g.o

Hi All,

Okay, guess it's time for some update on the talk that we made at GUADEC
on accessibility testing :-)

We have put up a testing page on d.g.o 

Thanks to Calum for putting those up there and also for the keynav test
cases :)

a) Users who need the accessibility support as well as those who want to
   contribute to accessibility testing and looking for how to go about

b) Developers looking for testing their app for accessibility
   conformance, but not sure what sort of testing needs to be done.

What has been covered ?
1) The setup details for people to get on to accessibility testing and

2) Detailed testcases for the following
   a) Keyboard Navigation (based on keynav proposal by Calum)
   b) Theme Compliance
   c) General principles
   d) at-poke
   e) Gnopernicus (speech using FreeTTS and Festival)
   d) GOK

What's not covered ?
a) Braille and Magnifier support in Gnopernicus.
b) at-spi testing
c) testing of AT tools themselves

Going further would adding a FAQ on build and setup issues, i.e common
problems that people come across over and over again be a good idea ?

Comments, flames on the stuff that's already put up :-)
and also inputs on what's not been covered.

Wipro Accessibility Team.

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