UI Review status and thanks

People are quietly but thoroughly fixing the bugs on the UI Review page.

At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if almost all [1] of the bugs are
closed before
the Hard UI freeze (and string freeze) on August 4th:

Bugzilla notification emails can usually be annoying but it's a real
pleasure to get a bunch of daily FIXED notifications for UI Review bugs.
I've noticed that these people are making a difference:
  Calum Benson
  David Bordoley
  Daniel Cranston
  Marco Pesenti Gritti
  Christian Neumair 
  Damien Sandras
  Others who I've forgotten.
They deserve our thanks.

These bugs are UI Review of the new 2.4 modules and old UI Review of the old
modules. There has not been any new UI Review of the old modules, but
hopefully that's not a big problem.
In particular:
- The new accessibility modules have had a really thorough UI Review which
should make them more GNOME-like now.
- Damien is responding well to my whining about GnomeMeeting, so that should
look more GNOME-like too.
- Epiphany is constantly being UI-Reviewed.

[1] There is still stuff there that you can help with. It's relatively easy
work that makes a real visible difference to GNOME.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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