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El mar, 29-07-2003 a las 17:50, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> <quote who="The Face of Sun Microsystems">
> > Okay, I'll admit that 'Enterprise Ready' is a bit of a buzz word, but
> > seriously folks, we've just managed to get GNOME on 80,000 desktops in
> > Extramadura. That's a metric fuckload.
> I thought that entire story was future tense... I honestly can't imagine how
> they're going to do it, unless they're totally unmanaged ("here's your box,
> and here's a recovery cd if anything goes wrong"). Stock GNOME isn't quite
> there yet.

They are using it now. I don't know if the 80,000 desktops are setup
already, but I know that that's not a future story, they started with it
one or two years ago and the  computer number is growing every day.


> - Jeff
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